Remote Healing for Cat and Person with Archangel Metatron

The other day a friend (now client) came into my office to have me do an Angelic Healing and communication to check in on her ailing cat. She had been meaning to do this for a good year!

I let her know ahead of time that we could do the session remotely ~ by phone or Skype if she wished. She wanted to come to my office for the in-person contact.

Belinda was in my office and her cat, Clara, her kitty, was 15 minutes away. Clara was visiting the vet time and time again, getting thyroid and other medications for one illness after another. This proved to be very expensive for Belinda!

“Oh, and is there anything else in your life that you would like to state in your intention and receive assistance with?” I inquired.

There was indeed!
Evidently her severely depressed daughter could not get out of bed for months…how heart-breaking!

“OK let’s put that in the Angel Hopper, then!” I acknowledged

I invited in her daughter’s Spiritual (etheric) body, and asked her if she would like help with her scary thoughts, or whatever holding her back and keeping her down.

Jenny’s 5th Dimensional body said, “Yes, please help me!”

All work needs to be permission-based so that is where I began.

Archangel Metatron came in and spoke for the Archangelic Realm through me.  He let us know that Archangels Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael were also here to help.

It became evident that Clara was a reflection of Belinda. Often our fur kids are assisting us and helping us heal.  I understood we needed to balance the glands in Belinda as well as Clara. I did some shamanic Angelic Clearing of energy of them both.

Then I tuned in to Belinda’s daughter Jenny. Using #remoteviewing enabled me to see a huge dark, entity hovering around her.

I’m thinking “Not again!”
I asked if we could safely remove this being from Jenny, and Metatron said “Absolutely!”

We did, making sure Jenny was safe in the process. I use specific ancient tools so I am protected during the process. I also use methods of protection ahead of these sessions.Very Important!

We then proceeded to clear energy from under Belinda’s house, in every corner, the cat Clara,  her daughter Jenny daughter, and simultaneously with Belinda in my office.

Next the Archangelic Realm assisted and we refilled all energy that was released with a healing  funnel of light.

Since the Angelic clearing of this gal’s house, her cat and daughter:

Her cat is no longer taking medication and is much happier and healthier!
Her daughter went on a job interview, found a new therapist and went to see two doctors!

You rock Archangelic Realm!



Christina Gerber is an intuitive healer and angel channeler, helping you to empower yourself and reignite your own healing abilities.