Remote Healings and Clearings

Do you feel stuck or lethargic?

Perhaps you are feeling anxious?

Are you grieving the loss of activities and connections?

Are strange undiagnosed pains moving around your body?

Feeling disharmony in your household?

Energetic Clearing has helped many with …

Enhanced creative flow!

More physical energy!

Ease of movement and releasing body pain

Peace and lightness after feeling depressed

Anxiousness disappearing

Body magically realigning with ease!

Increased business

Improved relationships

Moving sadness and grief into joy

Improved family relationships

Potential Benefits of Remote Healing

What can you expect?

You will co-create this healing session and participate with toning, humming and movements.

You will receive:

+ A light-refilling and grounding

+ Tools for protection and grounding

+ Release of Stagnant Energy

It’s all energy!
Residual emotional holding patterns may still reside in your cells. When released from your light body and auric field you can regain balance between your emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

Cord Cutting 

Are there people in your past, (or even past-lives) or your present pulling energy from you?What’s your investment in yourself?

$175 for your 60-minute clearing session

• Follow up emails and tools for Spiritual Connection, Grounding, and Protection


Series of Three 60-minute Remote Clearings

Additional time for Channeled Readings for Guidance and Healing
$175 per hour

You may wish to hear from: Goddess Gaia, the Fairy Realm, Kwan Yin, Lady Nada, Archangels Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael or Metatron, Merlin, St. Germaine, Yeshua, Magdalene or Goddess Mary. I also work with a Team of Crystalline Beings


Three 60-Minute Channelings for $450

Most often these include healing meditations to uplift your energy and raise your frequency.

Preparing for your Remote Healing and Energetic Clearing

  1.  Have privacy, drinking water, and comfortable freedom of movement. Be able to sit and lie down easily.
  2.  We will spend 60 minutes together in a video call for the Clearing/Healing, Refilling and Grounding on Facetime, Skype or Zoom.
  3. Feel free to send a message now so we can schedule a session, or to learn more about remote healing!


What conflicts or energies are holding you back?

I would love to help you release, heal, and re-energize!

Let’s meet soon …

”thank you … nothing else worked!”

Thank you for the house clearing and reconnecting me to the angels. I used several Feng Shui experts and nothing worked! I thought I would have to give up my house and move to the mainland. Ever since the Archangels cleared the energy in and around my house, I have been able to rent my rooms non-stop with wonderful, spiritual people. I now feel secure that I can stay here and support myself at the Mermaid Temple.Carol B., Land StewardCaptain Cook, HI

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