Sleep Deprived? Natural Sleep Aids

My list of natural sleep aids:

1. Eat one Tbsp of coconut oil before sleep.

2. Wear an eye mask so the body can relax from light.

3. Apply lavender and frankincense essential oils to the base of the skull. The lavender is for relaxation, and the frankincense helps it penetrate the blood-brain barrier. These should work like a gem!

4. Drink some chamomile tea after dinner and before sleep.

5. I use a magnetic sleep system with a bed topper and pillow.

If you need more, I can suggest these tablets:

6. Take your daily calcium-magnesium supplement before sleep. This helps relax the muscles and the mind.

I like this one:


7.  GABA Amino supplement –  500 or 1000 mg. Stops the monkey mind!

I get the Vitacost brand. Visit the vendor here:

8. Sleep Now ~ An Herbalife herbal sleep aid I use and sell. It allows one to relax and wake up with good energy! It contains chamomile, calcium, melatonin, passion flower, and valerian.

Purchase by sending me an email Hello@christinagerber.com0138_sleepnow_us_400

Sweet dreams!

My fave coconut oil!:


Liz Tufte

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