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Snake Kingdom – Giving Animals a Voice for Change

2013 and 2025 are both Year of the Snake. Gratitude for you, Snakes! I understand you are here to help us transform and move from 3D to 5D here on earth. What does this mean?

We thought we would ask them directly.

I am grateful for my long-time friend and fellow Animal Communicator, Liz Tufte, as she prompted me to invite in the Voice for the Snake Kingdom.

Liz: They all have such different ways of being. I love the cute hog-nosed snake! They are such protectors of the Fairy Kingdom.


Snakes: Archetype is a flow from the past, to the present and future existence of people on planet.

A question that comes up for me is what about so many peoples’ fear of snakes?

I invoke my communication:
Let us see and hear the snake kingdom.
First a “feeling” of world of snakes comes forth within me energy flowing up my spine.

I “see” a large snake and many lined up behind forming like a huge pyramid-shaped formation of commuity. They are all standing and tall,expanding out behind the snake to its right and to its left.

Community or nation of snakes.


SNAKE, as speaker for the Kingdom:

We are so happy to be heard. We love being represented and listened to. Not many have thought “oh we have words” yet we do. We have seen so much from the beginning of time here on planet earth. We have experiences form other realms and we represent dynamic change. We are transformation. We are important for this planets ascension because we bring love and light from our hearts in a more electromagnetic way we believes that many other animals. Perhaps it is because we have such and incredible connection to earth as we move upon her. And we are in constant contact with her heart. So we feel her pulse. We then radiate that as well as our own hearts. So perhaps this is a reason from many to be overwhelmed with our presence because we instantly create change in others. We are like all of the elements bundled into one, sometimes we move people like fire, or water or metal with very strong force or even air. Because we also reside in other realms. We come into people dreams we come into peoples’ spirits. We represent what may be the unknown to many. We have so many colors and shapes we move across dimensions, too.

 Because of our amazing electromagnetic flow we stimulate hidden feeling in people that may be scary for some. Or maybe there was a past life when there was snake involved and it was a time of fear or great change or cataclysmic happening of one sort or another so a cellular memory is kept and this is held with the Kingdom of Snakes. And we are really truly loving creatures. We want all energies to flow smoothly that is why we slide and wiggle it is a movement of ease.

So we continue to nudge gently and to assist change in many by reigniting stagnant energy from spirit to earth and we touch hearts. That is how we can assist with allowing more humans and plants and other animals to make a completely smooth transition and assist with intergalactic ascension. We do not merely work on this planets. We connect other spheres. So we also visit individuals in dreams and this is one special way that we can slide from dimension into another dimension.

Moving from 3D upwards past 4D to 5D and then upwards— no problem. We just assume we can do this.

That is why all flows smoothly from our nose to our tails. We also have many collaborators —those who are not only on land or in water but those who love trees. So we truly make our planet one love fest. You can look at us as living, connecting encompassing hearts that connect all parts of the planet. We come into peoples’ auras with these dynamic levels of change. We can help shamans and people who are open to listening or to creating change within themselves and others by helping the electromagnetic flow move form chakra to chakra from above into the 8th chakra from past even into present and then moving into the future.

We lead and allow. These are fine qualities to assist many with change. One has to change as the cosmos and ecosystem changes so we are all about that. We make change gradual for others. We lead by example showing you how to move form one place to another all in a magical flowing movement. Notice our abilities. We are creators of change. You can do a little mind-meld or heart-meld with our kingdom or realm our nation of moving, sliding cosmic lights for change.

We are instigators of change. We move from one place to another at a moments notice. We are also protectors. Sometimes many do not understand this. We have only positive intentions in mind. We love to think that we assist many different kingdoms to happily coexist. We feel like we are bridges for humans into the animal kingdom. So our amazing abilities number so many we truly think we are limitless. This is our message to you. Know you can connect with the great expanse. You are all of these various dimensions and realms together. We are so connected. Our hearts connect with yours.

Perhaps you would like to communicate with us?

 Connect your heart to ours. Ask a question.

What do you notice? Perhaps an answer comes to mind or a vision something will give you a message of light. We are Warriors of Light. We carry light this dynamic energy from spirit to earth, to water to air. We move it all around with grace and incredible ease. We are messengers of light. Watch us. We are mesmerizing. We can assist you with moving into a trance state should you so desire.

Maybe you would like us to work with you in your dreams send us on a journey. We can bring information back to you. You can even see yourself in another time and place by looking through our eyes as we go into a past life for you. Or you can even see the future through our eyes. We have seen it all. We even see the planet from above.

We know how very important it is to work as a team. We are one. We are not really separate. What affects us, affects you. So maybe it is better to see us as a team. That is how we truly want to be understood as team players. As messengers of light. We carry so much love in our hearts that it is important to listen closely. You can see messages in our eyes. We give you a lot of information so maybe you just want to listen with your heart. That is easy enough. That is often how we receive messages because our hearts are so close to the elements and Gaia truly beats her heart through us. Even stars beat their heart-lights through us because we are cosmic creatures of change.

We represent transformation on many levels. You can see us as just that. Cosmic messengers and creators of change. Yeah, team!


Connect and honor you? Different images we can represent the snake realm.

We love this being our year it represents magnificent change. It allows each person to shed an old skin and to contemplate what one may wish to show to others as your outside skin now that the old has been discarded. That is potent in itself. How do you want to represent yourself for the next dozen years? Where will you be at the end of that time frame?

So our representation is you as your own cosmic creator and messenger of change. Stand up allow your thoughts and spiritual goals to slide forth like the movement of our Snake Kingdom. Flowing through and around and encompassing those you touch. Think of how you would like to interact, to gather groups together and see them working in harmony. We see this through our eyes at all times. How can we all work in harmony?

So as we connect different levels of love and light and energy exchange electromagnetically bringing in earth energy, energy of the sky and sacred heart energy, how can you incorporate you existence on the planet, honoring where you came from and knowing each movement as though you make effects many realms around you. How do you wish to co-create? Think about that. We do. We are zen in nature and would love you to emanate this zen movement of appreciating and honoring and respecting realms of consciousness, and times where you have gone before, different elements you affect with each decision and movement. Consider how all you do affects the land and air and animals. You are not alone we are all here together.

All images of snakes we think carry this beautiful cosmic all-encompassing message of love and light. Sure, do add cartoon pictures to represent us! We want to make life fun and get the joy back in your hearts moving from one dynamic frequency into another. We want to elevate consciousness here on earth. We love being here and want to stay here for a long time in harmony ad in a blissful co-existence with you.

channeled through the heart of Christina Gerber

  @January 2013 – 20XX

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Christina Gerber is an intuitive healer and angel channeler, helping you to empower yourself and reignite your own healing abilities.

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