Fairies Are All Around Us

Fairies Appear to Help Heal Gwyneth

I had a client on the table last year and as I was working on her legs. I noticed these glowing flowers and stones on the table and the fairies came in during the session! I got my courage up and told Gwyneth what I was seeing. She exclaimed "Well of course ~ I am a fairy!"

During the healing session I used their healing salve on her legs with the minerals and flower essences they brought in.

They instructed her to continue to do just that. This was new to her and I encouraged her to work with them and instructed the fairies to help her with her healing, so she could grow her communication skills. 

She did not understand she could just speak to them. To this day, Gwyneth continues to develop her abilities and communicate with them, knowing she is surrounded by them when she calls them in.

I often see the fairies out of the corner of my eye like little sparkling holiday/Christmas lights. Sometimes in walks in the Redwoods, on Mount Tamalpais, or in Muir Woods, I see sparkling lights flitting about the roots and leaves.

Fairies at the Humane Society!?

I was doing a chair massage one day at the Humane Society. I began to notice all these fairies in the room, right around my massage chair! The client got warm and removed her outer shirt, only to expose an extra large fairy tattoo covering her back! 

I let her know the fairies were here with us now and she got incredibly excited!

She she loved them since she was young, yet did not understand how to connect to them.

I let her know that by creating a fairy altar in her yard it welcomes them in.

I reminded her that she can easily call them in and just speak to them. I imagine she is doing it to this day!

Remote Healings

The Fairies do come into our homes. There are times the Fairy Realm comes in and bequeaths a loving healing robe to a cellist while doing a distance healing with them. I can see them moving about, draping the light fabric around the client's shoulders. They even feel the tickly cool energy around them.

I see them and they speak through me. The client often feels their presence and ultra-light energy. They are incredible reminders that we are here to be Guardians of Gaia, as are they.

I have even seen them give a client a wreath around their head!

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Christina Gerber is an intuitive healer and angel channeler, helping you to empower yourself and reignite your own healing abilities.

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