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In the Begininning...
I was trained in Bamboo-Fusion BodyWork, which Nathalie Cecilia developed in in 2004.

Nathalie Cecilia, originally from France, is the creator of Bamboo-Fusion. She discovered the technique when many of her clients were asking for deep tissue treatment. She found a way to use the heated tools rather than adding undue pressure to her fingers and joints. Her clients also loved it.

Warm Bamboo BodyWork is a modality for anyone looking for a relaxing massage or needing some  soothing and more deeply relaxing bodywork. This unique modality uses moist heat along with rolling pressure to promote a deep sense of relaxation and wellBeing. 

I fold a moist heating pad around the smoothe, dowel-shaped pieces of bamboo. The soothing heat penetrates the muscles, automatically relaxing them, making it easier for me to access those areas of underlying tension. I then roll the tension out.

 It was originally created to easily combine Swedish and deep tissue massage, making it ultra-transformative. 

We all naturally react to stress — it may be physical, mental, or emotional. Often  one way is to tense up into “fight or flight” mode. It can become chronic tension so our muscles tighten and knot up. Then  the most dangerous words ever uttered are:
                                             “Maybe it will just go away on it’s own.”
If you hear yourself say these words, know that is when it is time to book a treatment. That’s when a dull ache can lead to pain as muscles become less flexible and then you are prone to injury.

What Makes Warm Bamboo so Special?

Throughout the session, several different pieces of warmed bamboo, using a variety of strokes are incorporated in different styles to stretch and press the muscles, joints and tissue. Once the body has been thoroughly warmed, I can painlessly work out any knots needing extra attention. The results are incredible!

Bodies relax so completely as muscles loosen and joints become more flexible, resulting in flexibility and rejuvenation. The moist-heated bamboo provides deep massage without pain during the session, leaving no sore muscles the following day. 

In the United States, bamboo is primarily symbolic and is gaining in popularity because it is a highly renewable resource. It is also beautiful and considered lucky by many people. The use of a renewable and sustainable resource that connects us to ancient times can address our modern need for deep tissue massage.

Why Bamboo B​odyWork?

I think we can agree that most people enjoy getting a massage. However many of you may be wondering  “why use bamboo as opposed to a regular or deep tissue massage?”

Eight years ago one of my massage teachers experienced a Bamboo-Fusion session and was blown away. She immediately called me and told me to check it out!

Once I experienced it, I was converted!

I Received my Bamboo Fusion Certification in 2006

A Warm Bamboo sessions is such a phenomenal experience, that my clients let me know they have a difficult time receiving any other style of massage. If they happen to be out of town and looking for a treatment, there is no comparison.

Since the early 1980s I have been coaching others to "press" or hold points on their body that could give them relief. I then found out that this innate knowing I had about which places people needed to be touched to experience healing, was the seed of what has now flourished into a 30-year healing practice.

Guided by my gift of intuitive healing, I studied trigger point therapy, swedish body work. and other modalitites, including pre- and post-natal massage, reflexology, and ayurvedic marma point therapy.  I found combining them all to be very effective. I tailor each session specifically to your needs.

Another Key to the session is :


Your specific intention, sent together with our hearts, along with the kneading,and  the pressure assists on other levels through an accelerated electro magentic frequency. This enhances your physical and emotional transformation.

Bamboo, Pressure and Heat Can Magnify Transformation

 So what causes Warm Bamboo BodyWork to be more effective AND more relaxing?
Bamboo has naturally occurring silica crystal within it so it is a natural conduit and magnifier of energy.

Just like crystals were created with intense heat and pressure to create something magical – the Bamboo magnifies the healing process. In other words, these crystals contained in silky, smooth bamboo transform and the heat and turn it into a regenerating electromagnetic conduit sending deep relaxation messages into your body.

Add to that the warm, moist heat and the experience is one of immediate relief and relaxation. It feels WONDERFUL – and the pain and tension seem to melt away!

 Why Receive Warm Bamboo BodyWork?

The latest findings are that 100% of all disease and illness is brought about from how we hold stress in our bodies. Now more than ever people need to take care of themselves by reducing stress and healing from within. If they don’t the consequences can be dire.

Client Benefits

Regardless of age, activity level, or flexibilty clients get more relief faster and it is sustained.

My clients leave smiling without the stress, insomnia, concern, pain and tension they came in with, so they can excel in their passion! 

Liz Tufte

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