Yeshua and Mary Magdalene – Ray of Abundance

Mary Magdalene:

This is an appropriate time to ask for assistance. What we offer you, as Magdalene and Jeshua, is the true love-knit ability to balance the presence of divine, heart, and your ability to manage, all on a physical level.

I have always helped Jeshua with the financial outlook and understanding, so that it was something that he could bring into his consciousness and easily mesh it with his strong love and healing from his heart.
This is often a place that many do not understand, as it can also be a blend of masculine and feminine, earthly and spiritual, and many other combinations, depending upon the specific makeup of the person.

So with this said, I, as Magdalene, have had the sense and wherewithal to be able to see clearly to the next step, the divine goal – and to plan the steps to get there. It does indeed take some rational thinking that it is appropriate to fine-tune one’s abundant thoughts, thoughts which may be rather etheric and not tied to earth, and then to rein them in and bring them down to a level that others can comprehend.

That is my ability: to allow the divine, earthly, sexual and complex ability of this fine-tuned mind, and then to bring it to an abundant light of vision.

What you may imagine doing is to place an azure blue infinity symbol that moves from your lower chakras, beginning at your root, and then allowing the top of the infinity symbol to be above your head about one foot. What this does is ground and intertwine the cosmic consciousness with earthly desires.

Do this now as an exercise. Allow it to be a deep, azure blue infinity symbol, intertwined with a golden rope of light. Allow it to pulse, clear, and connect the energies of the chakras with your breath.Astronomy Drama

You may wish to shake off any additional energy.
The inside of the infinity symbol will soon fill with golden light.
A deep rose color will begin to move through this area, as well.
Thus, you can understand on a physical and emotional level, that love, the divine, your body, your cells, and your physical being can reside as one blissful cosmic unit.
Now smile and bring your loving consciousness into your heart. Imagine you as the successful divine being you are pursuing. You are both, whether realized or not.

Now invite the light of Jeshua to surround you, coming from below you, from the Earth-Heart, creating a diamond around your whole body, and moving into the earth at one point. You will feel His magnificence. It is protective, and it seals this precious feeling of love and light. You may then see a golden chalice present itself within you. You are that vessel. You are receiving golden light from above and an earthly flow of green and brown from below. Whether or not you can see it or feel it, know that it is happening –
as you have requested it.

Begin to acknowledge the parts of yourself that are transitioning. Give thanks for your Being as it arrives at its destination: to be whole, loving and to understand the concept that “having” is fine, that receiving is indeed divine, and that this full and prosperous feeling is the correct balance of love and light in your Being, supporting you on each and every level.

Choose to be active and conscious in your choices and know that you are surrounded, followed and supported with Divine love.
This is something to cherish.
This is something to revel in, so you may smile as you go about your day and delight in this knowledge.

Feel this is part of your path:
to receive as you create,
and to give back as you continue to delight in this reception.

It is powerful and you can be humble.
You are potent, yet loving and honorable.
They are in perfect order, all of these qualities together, so allow yourself to have the life that is flowing with this divine consciousness.

Absorb this, and reaffirm to yourself that it is just right to be healthful, abundant and to have an easy life.
Receive and relinquish any resistance to contrary ideas.
You are being supported by Jeshua and Magdalene, and this is what is right. We are your support team: we are here for you. Do not forget that this is part of your path.

Blessings in this honorable union of light and love within you and around you,
Magdalene and Jeshua

Liz Tufte

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