Healing lies within. It is a process of rebalancing, releasing, and expectation. Sometimes we need help – and asking for assistance can be empowering. You’ll even find that remote assisted self-healing can be a joyful experience!

Restore Your Physical and Emotional Balance

Find relief from emotionally and physically pressing discomfort. Would you like to thrive – and experience joy again?

Christina Gerber can help.
With 40+ years of experience, she has become highly skilled in using an extensive collection of powerful healing modalities.

Physical Restoration

• Relax and Rejuvenate

• Balance internally with intuitive healing sessions

Emotional and Mental Balance

• Release worry, stress, lack of self-confidence

• Restore your natural healthy emotional and mental balance

Personal Spiritual Connection

• Expand your inner strength

• Establish a balance that constantly nurtures and grounds you

Remote Intuitive Healing with Animals

• Interpretation of the amazing hearts of animals

• Intuitive healing of your relationship with your animal companions

Christina Gerber is an Intuitive Healer who channels the Archangels to help you heal and thrive, naturally and holistically. She is trained in many healing modalities to help heal family members of any species! Yes, she speaks Dolphin, too.

Do You Have Headaches, Back Pain or Neck Tension?

Stress is responsible for 99% of all Dis-ease.

All You Have to Do is Ask!