Angelic Healing

If you’ve never had an angel reading or healing via phone or video call, you may not know what to expect.

How to Schedule Your Angelic Visit

We set up a one-hour slot ahead of time. I like to do them between the hours of 8 AM and 7 PM Pacific time. Mark your calendar for your time zone if we are in different parts of the country. We can do your session in by phone or video call (Skype, Google Hangout).

I will record it and send you the Mp3.

How to Prepare for Your Angel Session

• Have water handy, be comfortable and have privacy.

• Have some questions and ideas ready ahead of time.

If you are looking for guidance, give as much detail as you can. More often than not, the angels will give you the skills for finding the answer yourself rather than handing you a simple “Yes” or “No.” (Except for the time when a woman asked about a specific life choice and the Archangels let her know she would receive a life-changing phone call within a week. One never knows!)

What Will Your Angelic Experience Be Like?

The angels often suggest that we ‘tone’ together and do some meditation with colors while they give you an angelic blessing or healing. Please be comfortable singing, humming, howling, or making whatever sounds you wish.

The experience is different for everyone. Some people hear them, others actually see the light and form of angels, and many feel the energy.

‘hear’ them in my heart and it is easy for me to type the messages as I receive information. I see them as different colored energy forms and feel them in the room as I get chilly from their presence.

I believe we all have this ability to connect with them. With a pendulum and other tools, I serve as a conduit to the angels speaking through my voice. Your session reignites a connection between you and the angels, helping you to remember a source of empowerment you’ve forgotten.

We all have angels as they are all around us and are just looking for ways in which to assist. The key is to ask, listen, and receive!

Rate: $150 per hour