An Angelic Visitation

Renne was a massage client who would roll her eyes whenever I mentioned angels.

One evening, Renne was leaving my massage studio during a rather wild rainstorm. On a 4-lane freeway, her car hit a patch of water and skidded out of control, doing several 360-degree turns. She stopped facing oncoming 60-mph traffic! Her life flashed before her eyes.

Her mind trailed off, thoughts whirling around in her head.

She looked up and was amazed to see four 15-foot tall, white-robed Beings standing fingertip-to-fingertip spanning the width across the freeway, stopping traffic! She slowly and safely pulled over to the side of the road, and once she regained composure, called her husband.

A little while later my phone rang. Renne shared her story with me, letting me know that my angels saved her. I let her know that her angels saved her.

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Golden Angelic Ray

The Golden Ray

The Archangels Four: Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael ~

We wish to give you a gentle Ray of Healing. To bring in greater purity of flow and to allow for release at the same time.

Begin by allowing any sensations in the body to fall away.
Let go of sensations and thoughts that are discomforting; relics of an old time that no longer serve you. Notice the sensations and the pictures that might go with this release.

Now imagine there is a shower of Golden Light coming from above into your crown and your entire Being, cleansing and releasing so you can receive the Golden Angelic Ray.

Bring in the angelic presence with a relaxed breath. Allow the toning to begin, in order to ground this high-vibration energy.

Tone here.

Out with the old flow and in with the golden light that will refresh you, allowing you to move and even breathe more easily.

Drink this in as if it is fresh mountain air. Notice the flow of the mountain air away from your heart, and neck, and shoulders, and spine – this is all a part of the process.

There may be a tingle in those areas that are releasing. Allow that to increase bit by bit so there is nothing but Golden Light now replacing the previous sensations of the old. Know that this regenerative, cleansing light will make way for more and more heart flow, increasing your reception of information and cellular growth that will serve you in this new light. This is now something to absorb for a minute or two, so that you might notice what you notice.

You are receiving an Angelic Ray and simultaneously receiving healing energy. We then transform and send your released energies into the earth to assist her healing. This is our divine ability, and it gives us great joy.

The Golden Ray will serve to give you strength and resiliency, rejuvenating and refreshing you for what is to come. You may wish to receive the Golden Ray only once each week, or daily as a morning ritual, or even more often.

These are new times that we are welcoming; it is necessary to feel the strength within. This will serve many when their assistance is needed. Continue to use the Golden Ray as you choose. You can spend just a few minutes, or a much longer time, feeling the sensations that go with it, paying attention to any physical transformations. Notice just what thoughts are leaving, making way for new feelings of love and light.

Blessings to you dear ones,
Archangels Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael


Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene Readings ~ The Two Marys

Readings with Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary ~ or the “Two Marys”

I began channeling Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene after Archangel Raphael introduced them to me in 2004.

Shortly after that, “The Marys” would bring forth Metatron and the other Archangels: Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael. They would come through me as “The Sacred Seven.”

I began working with Magdalene and Mary individually so I could recognize their energy signatures.

Her teal, violet, indigo, orange, and gold robes may give you an idea of her bold vibrancy. Magdalene has been phenomenal in introducing individuals, and even couples to their Spiritual sensuality and sexuality.

Magdalene has also been a financial counselor to Yeshua, and assists individuals with financial matters. She is outspoken and serves to awaken many.

Mother Mary has been a guiding light for many. She often comes in when an individual has recently passed. She brings comfort with her nurturing words and healings with her magical blue, white, and gold robes.


Readings, counsel, and healings with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, or the Two Marys are $150 per hour.


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Testimonials for Archangel Channelings Readings Healings

“Thank you. It was very interesting how Metatron said all the same things as our couples counselor did.
I will move towards the light as fast as I can knowing this is all good.”
Debbie D., Entrepreneur, Concord, CA

“It was an incredible blessing to have a reading – it shifted my attention in a way that was very helpful, I feel stronger and more courageous, and it gave me more faith. The reading was very blessed with clear, compassionate, very grounded, and concrete language. All suggestions from Archangel Raphael were helpful and specific for the crises I was dealing with. The physical, emotional, and mental states I experienced during the session were wonderful.” M.L., Photographer/Muir Beach, CA

“After receiving the Green Ray, my psyche is more open to the guides, the angels, and the universe than since early childhood. Big miracles are happening. I’m amazed every day. I’m in this new place of awareness, and I feel a sense of calm joy & excitement all the time.
Liz T., Graphic designer/Minneapolis MN

“In my Angelic reading with Christina, I felt such a real presence of the Angels, and I feel their presence still. Do it! Why deprive yourself?”
V.M., Healer and Business Consultant

“Mahalo nui loa. (Thank you very much.) You are a very powerful healer.” Lanakila B., Kahuna and Keeper of Honaunau/Big Island, HI

“Thank you for the house clearing and reconnecting me to the angels. I used several feng shui experts and nothing worked! I thought I would have to give up my house and move to the mainland. Ever since the Archangels cleared the energy in and around my house, I have been able to rent my rooms non-stop with wonderful, spiritual people. I now feel secure that I can stay here and support myself at the Mermaid Temple.”
Carol B., Land steward/Captain Cook, HI

“Long-standing issues and traumas are suddenly being resolved; this change is not easy but very, very necessary. I am very grateful.”
Linda O.. Nurse and mother/Topeka, KS

“I felt a gentle, tickling, warm penetrating energy when I was introduced to the Archangels. Since receiving the rays, my digestion has improved and my hormones have been in balance, which truly is a miracle!” Erica B., Dancer and political activist/Minneapolis MN

“I have relaxed with the information and I still feel the angels’ energy and lovingness, so pure and sincere. I really appreciate the information I heard and it is being taken deep into my personal life. I have called upon Raphael and the Others from time to time. I receive their energy and attention instantly. And frankly, I am humbled greatly for their service to mankind, for it is obvious that it is constant and what they are all about. Thanks again. I have thanked Raphael and the other Archangels when I have called upon them. I feel connected to them. And I would like to consult with them again.” B. Carter, Healer/Chicago, IL

“I feel heartfelt gratitude for my reading and healing with the Archangels. All of my life, I have been focused on healing from childhood sexual abuse. After receiving an angelic healing through Christina, I no longer feel like a victim, and that chapter of my life is completely resolved. I experienced an abundant love that I now can recall whenever I need to. Thank you.”
L.L /Artist, healer /Santa Barbara, CA

“I am utterly speechless at the magnificent gift that you have given me. Thank you so much from the whole of my heart. I am without words, but the reading/healing from the Archangels instantly filled me with a Divine Love, Joy, and Peace. Thank you. Much Love

“This telephone reading with the angels been a sustaining, loving, practical, guiding light. I do not know what we would have done without it. We will continue to use your services.” Lynn and Bonnie C.,

“That was so very powerful! After the burglary, my home felt dark and I felt unbalanced. Now, since the Angelic house and body clearing session we did on the phone, my house has its light back, the dark cloud is gone and I feel so much more at peace in my home and self. Thank you.” Kristina L.,

“After receiving the Angelic Healing all of the pain in my back and shoulders disappeared! I realized it allowed me to connect to Raphael and it felt as though I personally experienced a miracle as my pain was debilitating.” Father Arthur

Animal Angel Sessions – Testimonials

** Midnight, our Beloved kitty, passed away after 19 years of being in our family. The grief was overwhelming. My husband and I found the Animal Angel reading to be informative and comforting. Our loving bond was recognized and it was specific. We were informed that Midnight’s transition was blissful, that her spirit lives on, that she is on a new level of her development! She is happy and free to run and play again. We were informed how to connect with her when we wished to and she would always be there. We were able to feel joy during the telephone session. It was amazing!
So, we were comforted, told she was blissed out and happy and safe and she feels she has fulfilled her work with us and how she specifically helped Jack and I.  Midnight let us know where she wanted her ashes scattered and why she loved that place. This kind of reading was a Blessing for me and Jack and for Midnight! We can continue our beloved relationship with understanding how we all love and serve one another. Midnight feels complete with her process of being our princess kitty on the Earth. Pranams to Midnight! With greater understanding of the beloved animal’s experience, people can heal and have an easier time to let go. It is unique to give a specific meditation to contact a specific animal. Thank you, Thank you! ~ Lynn L. Carpinteria, CA

** When Christina does distance-healing healing on an animal, several profound things are happening simultaneously. While the animal is receiving powerful healing energy, she talks about what is happening and shares communications from the animal so the animal’s caregiver can understand the situation from the animal’s point of view.

Christina describes what to expect from the healing, how long the animal will be carrying the energy, and what changes one may expect to see. She may offer suggestions to the human for ways they can assist in the animal’s healing after the session is over. She is always open to questions.

The process is gentle, loving, and beautiful. The human gains a deeper understanding of the animal, and the animal receives whatever healing is best for them at the time. Angelic healings can be done in conjunction with any other healing modality, including western medicine.”Queen” Nifty still has that sparkle in her eye, and a great appetite again. ~ Lots of love and light, Liz T.,  Minneapolis, MN

** Sadie and Melrose are four-year old Siamese littermates. I had them for two weeks, during which time they peed everywhere, scratched all of our furniture and hid in fear, never coming close to us. I was ready to get lots of plastic covering for the furniture, and, as last resort take them back to the vet. Within minutes of the telephone healing/reading the cats came and sat next to me! After a thirty-minute telephone session with me on the phone, the cats no longer pee where they shouldn’t or scratch the furniture, and are happy lap cats instead of “fraidy-cats.” It was a miraculous and immediate change ~ I am so happy! ~ Terry N., Weehawken, NJ

*** My cat ziggy had an overnight drastic change in his personality and health. He went for being an outside cat to an inside cat, lethargic and with an insatiable appetite. He would stand in front of the fridge and jump in when it was open (this after being a hunter) and he would eat voraciously. He would stylize weight and was getting scrawnier and scrawnier by the day. His eyes became dull. The veterinarian had no idea what was wrong! After many tests, he suggested we prepare for the worst! I called Christina on a whim and sure enough whiting half an hour he was on my lap and tail swinging in a deep meditative state. Before this he never sat on my lap. Within one hour he was perky and his bright eyes were back! Within 24 hours he was back to his old self! The distance healing is the only thing that saved him, I believe!
~ Annie B., Lenoir, NC

**** Our shis tzu, Zhin Mei was acting out when we had a new baby. We were looking at having Grandparents living with us, and perhaps getting another dog, too, so we contacted Christina. She explained the situation to Shush. She immediately calmed down when we put Christina on Speaker phone. She had us move energy and pet her different ways, did a sound healing and let us know what Zhin Mei was thinking. The conversation opened up and we began to understand how we could communicate among the family with more ease and Zhin Mei understood the changes that wee happening.
She stopped barking unnecessarily, became more friendly and loving and accepting of our parents and the whole house dynamics changed in an hour! It was like magic and we were all happy to be a part of this family process gathered around the speaker phone with the whole family in attendance.
We felt the angels, too! I could not recommend it more highly!”
Peter K., Malibu, CA

How to Prepare for Angelic Sessions

If you’ve never had an Angel Reading or a Healing on the phone (or video call) you may not know what to expect.

How to Schedule for your Angelic Visit

We set up a one hour slot ahead of time. I like to do them between the hours on 8 AM and 7 PM Pacific Time.
Mark your calendar for your time zone if we are in different parts of the country.
We can do your session in a telephone call or a video call (Skype, Google Hangout).
I will record it and can and send you the Mp3.

To Prepare for your Angel Session

* I suggest you have water handy, be comfortable and have privacy.

Note: Often the angels suggest we ‘tone’ together and do some meditation with colors as they give you an angelic blessing or healing so we want you to be comfortable doing and saying whatever you wish.

* Have some questions and ideas ready ahead of time.

 If you are looking for guidance, give as much detail as you can. Truthfully, more often than not, they will give you the skills for finding the answer yourself rather than  give you a “Yes” or a “No.”

Although, one gal was asking about a specific life choice and the Archangels let her know she would receive a life-changing phone call within the week. She called me to let me know it happened and it was catharctic for her!

What will your Angelic Experience be like?

It is different for everyone! Some folks hear them, others see the angels and many feel the angels.

I ‘hear’ them in my heart and it is easy for me to type the messages as I receive them. I can use a pendulum and have them come through my voice as well.
I see them as different colored energy forms and feel them in the room as I get chilly from their presence.

 I believe we all have this ability to connect with them. I  serve as your conduit, and your session serves as your reignition establishing this connection between the angels and you once again.
We all have angels as they are all around us and are just looking for ways in which to assist. The key is to ask, listen, and receive!

Rate: $150 per hour


Mary and Magdalene ~ “Two Marys’ ” Healing Rays

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Healing Rays ~ from Magdalene and Mother Mary

Ray One
Intention: To give you insight, strength and stamina.

Visual/Sensation: Light Blue and Orange 3-D Star of David Encapsulating your body

Mary Magdalene: I am above you on your right and Mother Mary is on your left.

Begin by allowing yourself to feel this Ray of our Heart-Light. We shall begin by sending
you spirals of blue light in all shades and tones. It will come down from both of our hearts
and each beam of light will cross into your heart, creating a diagonal cross of swirling light
within. They are three-dimensional cones of heart-light which come to a point in your heart,
then create an inverse cone to cross into the earth.

You may feel as if you are moving back and forth in this cross or X of light. Become attuned
to our loving light as you take some deep breaths, and let your mind, bodies, and spirit relax.
Feel comfortable relaxing your upper chakras with any sounds and tones which surface. Let
them come out fully and resonate within and around you.

Now, we will place an orange beam of light above you, coming down from the heavens through
the center of your body. This slowly moves from above, into your energy centers, clearing and
connecting them. Once the light permeates your being, you may notice that the energy has
created a six-pointed star, allowing balance and reception of our love, light and strength.
It allows you to connect with heaven, or the divine, and earth. Bask in this archetypal flow of
energy and light.

This Ray of Stamina and Strength will allow you to take action into your future aspirations,
sharing your strength and knowledge with others. You will be able to understand your innate
abilities and we wish to give you the sense of security that this is true spirit-in-form.

Blessings upon your journey,
from the Two Marys, through Mary Magdalene

Channeled through the Heart of Christina Gerber

Copyright 2004 – 2015,


Healing Rays of Yeshua (Jesus)

Yeshua’s Healing Rays

Ray One – Pillar of Light

After a couple of years of low back and neck pain, I thought it may be appropriate to ask for more celestial help.
Early one morning in 2008:

I asked for a healing Ray from Yeshua. Almost instantaneously I saw my body amidst a cross.
I was not sure in this dreamy state if that was it. So I asked again.
This was August 24th, 2008 ~ the beginning of ‘Yeshua’s Healing Rays’.

Ray One – Pillar of Light Intention: To reinforce stamina, to assist with the strength
of the spirit within, and to encompass you with this Christ Consciousness Energy.

Here is the Energetic Sensation and Symbol:
Gold orange red azure cross through the 3-D Body and out your arms to sides, the cross moving out the arms.

Yeshua: You are about to receive Ray One Of my Healing Ray System, dearest.
It is indeed a Pillar of Light. Place your arms to your sides, out, so you are like a cross to receive this. Begin to notice the strength of flow from the upper body to the lower body. It is coursing through your body through your mind, your chakras, and your Spirit Self.

Now I will place the cross vertically from your left arm across and through your magnificent heart to your right hand. You will float in this magical energy. It unites heaven and earth and Self, grounding and enhancing your connection to me. Receive as you feel comfortable, deeply breathing, standing, lying down, kneeling, as you wish. Using your voice and toning magnifies the experience from your inner body to your outer body, physically as well as through your auric, etheric, emotional, and astral bodies.

C notes: I stand to receive. I tone here and breathe quickly in and out. My body reverberates in a forward and back then side-to-side movement. The cross looks orange and red in my minds-eye vision. A golden river of light flows through me now.

I tingle and get chills from head to toe; every surface is alive. With each breath the flow now goes inward and outward breathe out the flow is from inner to my body surface I breathe inwards and the flow is inwards. The tingling river of light engulfs me. Each chakra feels like it is connecting to another, the energy moves outwards like from my root chakra upwards I feel fluffed and the waterfall of life flows up my body. Then I view the cross again. I see this pillar of gold, orange, and azure around that.