Metatron : Diamond Ray of Rainbow Light

This is a beautiful request: You are able to understand the velocity of compassion and feeling for those
who need assistance. You are able to help change the world with your intention and our channeling.
It is with our divine loving presence that we, the Sacred Seven: Archangels Ariel, Gabriel, Michael
and Raphael, and the Two Marys; Magdalene and Mary Mother and myself, Metatron. We are all
here to facilitate this process with ease. It can be a global level of change with all of our heart-lights
connected. It is a beautiful constellation of energy to be able to share this wealth of love and light
with others.

We have in mind that sending a beautiful healing rainbow light, coated with a netting of silver and gold,
allows the emotional levels to balance and the hearts to unite with ease. It allows a wonderful sensation
to be received gradually, which balances the chakras and allows for spiritual enlightenment and a great
deal of information to come through each individual on many levels, through their own guides and their
own spiritual connection. We can be the masters of ceremony to guide their light and to share it with
each of the specific areas that we are intending to send global light and love. To open your minds, hearts
and spirits to the beautiful Ray of Rainbow Light, allow yourself to receive this with a relaxed breath.
Know that the deeper and more fully you breathe, inhaling and exhaling, you will facilitate the release
of old energy and the reception of a new spiritual divine connection. This is part of the Plan: to take into
account the many who are ready to assist and as they open their hearts they receive the healing light
they need.

What this does is strengthen the bonds of white-light workers in the community and allows for each
individual to feel a heart connection with many others. Therefore, the first initiation and healing meditation
can be done as you read this, and as you listen, if it is read aloud. You can continue to feel the lights sprinkling
through each level of your aura as if you are reconnecting lights that have been dimmed for one reason or
another. Specifically, each individual will receive their own level of initiation and attunement and this will
serve them at a daily level or a weekly level so that each person can decide how much healing and energy
is appropriate for them specifically.

What you will notice is that you are rejuvenated as you see the global picture a little more. What each
person can do is imagine the globe as a beautiful planet that we can look down upon from the heavens,
seeing from above the Earth with our mind’s eye, and feel with our hearts, so we can send this magnificent
Diamond Ray of Rainbow Light to gently envelop the Earth. We can send it as a diamond of rainbow-colored
light and send the silver and gold light to target areas where there have been disasters. Just imagine these
areas in your minds, speaking the specific areas aloud, or even keep a map close by to constellate the energy.
It can be as easy as stating a specific country, a province, or a town.

What you will notice is a dynamic change within, allowing you to know within your heart, that you have sent
this love and the love from all of us, and that it is being received. Continue to breathe, inhale and exhale
loudly so you actually make a sound, and sigh and breathe consciously. Open up each cell. Open each of
your body openings to receive and allow the love to be received. For truly feeling love replaces the fear
and worry. Allowing the energy and vibration to change with your own, will bring in a more dynamic
flow of understanding to the governments and aid that is being sent to give assistance to each area that
has been hurt on one level or another. This will facilitate the aid to come to the areas and to allow each
person to feel as though they are able to contribute in one incredible way, which no inanimate object can.
Therefore, the love actually nurtures the spirit and soul of those who are wishing for some reprieve.
The positive flow of light and love will bring them some hope and will allow the individuals who are
wishing for aid to be in direct alignment with their new resources.

Feel this change alive and within your belly. Sense it there. Know it is something that is being sparked
each time you breathe this light in fully. Allow your wonderful heart to open on such a magnanimous level
that each time you breathe and smile you feel this sensation and notice how alive you are. That is part
of the global healing that can be felt over areas that are large and small. It will also serve to unite families
that have been separated. Know that by taking a moment of conscious breathing and loving and light, this
beam of multi-colored and multi-faceted light can be sent from the center of your hearts. It will allow you
to get out of the intellectual part of thinking how to do it, and into a conscious level of doing it.

So it may be as easy as creating an archetypal image of a diamond that is strong and faceted. Feeling this
diamond constellation, notice the rainbow-colored, gold and silver light, then place that brilliant diamond,
around your heart,  around yourself, or around a person, a country or the globe. It allows the energy to
balance from above and below, and to create harmony on a magnetic level as well. This can serve to dissipate
the imbalances that have been created with the severe global changes that have been happening.

It would be appropriate on a spiritual and peaceful day, so allowing Sundays as a day of rest and reconnection
gives each individual some time to prepare and to receive in a quiet space. The healing sounds of toning
are appropriate and will be felt at a very high level in groups. It can be at a stated time that works for each
person in their own time zone, so it can be at 1 PM Pacific Time and allow each person to go from there.
It can be done in groups or in the privacy of a home yet it will be felt on a great level as the energy is sent
and received. Allow yourself five minutes to one-half hour to be able to create the most change from your
own cellular level to those around you. Whatever you do is going to add to the global vibrational healing
and its velocity.

Blessings from the Sacred Seven,
through Metatron through the heart of Christina Gerber

© 2008


Angel Lessons

This is what the Archangels told me:

The first lesson is to remember to call on us, the angels. We will guide you and protect you. Even when you
least expect it,  we will help you through uncertain times and can be of more help than you might
imagine! So the key here is to ask for angel company, and remember that we can be there when
you ask. It really is a simple lesson, but one that needs to be mentioned.

The second lesson is to ask the angels to guide you to sleep at night. We can help you relax, and send
you to safe, guarded places where your dreams can serve you. We can also help it be a more restful
sleep. Again, the key is to ask.

The third lesson we would like to give you is to be receptive to someone who might need angelic
guidance, who does not know it, and whom you may ask us to assist. You might then be made
aware that their attitude will change, their heart will open, and a look of calm will come across their
face. As we very well know, not everyone understands about angels but our presence can help
any situation. Try it and you will see!

The fourth lesson we wish to share with you is to call upon us for prayer, and to help distribute your
healing energy to those you are praying for. We have a wonderful skill: to be able to send your
energy and thoughts to any individual in the world, and they will be able to receive it. Often,
they may think of you that very day.

The fifth lesson is that we are always here for your own personal use, too. So when you wish
to have greater will power or strength for whatever reason, ask for assistance from your angels.

The sixth lesson I wish to share with you is to be able to let others know that you are doing
this – that you are asking for angel help. It is an indirect and gentle way to tell them about
our energy.


Toning and Breathing

It is our experience that using your breath, and creating vocal sounds, will allow the inner and
outer to connect. Toning, which involves making sounds while expelling breath, is part of the
process. It is grounding, and it helps to merge the inner part of your being with the outer
experience and sensation of this realm of change. The sounds you create are yours, with or
without words or vowels, with or without a tone, there is no right or wrong. Toning also
opens and releases all the chakras, facilitating balance and ease in the process. Perhaps, best
of all, it allows us to resonate with the universe.

If it is a new experience for you to vocalize in this way, you may feel more comfortable
humming, which is a delightful beginning to creating healing sound.

This is all part of an intricate balance of allowing and receiving. The more you contribute and
release, the more change and angel-heart energy you will receive. If you practice this with at
least one other person, the energy becomes magnified and enhanced even more. The more
people involved, the greater the impact you will notice.

We are here to protect and facilitate your honored paths, so allow and receive with this tool
(of toning), so that you can create the change you wish and discover the world you dream of.

From your guides upon the Journey,
Archangels Raphael, Ariel, Gabriel and Michael

through the heart of Christina Gerber



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Magdalene Ray of Astonishing Abundance

A gift for you from Magdalene Ray of Astonishing Abundance

What do you notice? Please share, won’t you?

I received this from Magdalene and thought I would share …

Magdalene Ray of Astonishing Abundance

What you will notice is that my light reignites the blissful spirit within.
It awakens your kundalini and allows your love within to radiate as a
brilliant light without. This will give you the reassurance you need to
move forward from a place of fear, stagnation, or uncertainty.

So, with my sacred Robe of Light, I envelop you. I bless you. Imagine my
flow of light encompassing you in such a way that you are in a womb of
deep azure blue light. It is almost a purple hue. Allow this to move from
your crown, down your shoulders, and around your heart, your sexual
center, and your legs, so you are encompassed in a beautiful womb-like
opening. It is as if you are folded into an egg, with the center of the robes
open, creating a vagina-like opening. That is truly it! This becomes your
birthing womb.

Next, you receive a flow of orange and gold light. This is the inner source
of my light which reignites a fury within that you may have been missing.
This light that I give to you, allows your kundalini to rise, safely and
securely as a healing spiritual vibration. Allow this to rise up and down
your spine. Know that this spiritual love and light connects you to Spirit,
to Earth, and to my Divine Light. You can connect to this at any time with
your breath and your heart. These are your spiritual keys: your Breath and
your Heart.

You can use this as a way to understand the abundance in the Universe: it
is truly a flow of light inwards. It is something that awaits you at your
door ~ it is a doorway into your heart. So as you align with passion for your
work, your creative spirit, and your projects that serve, this is the same and
you are all One in Spirit. There is no boundary to limit your receiving
what is yours.

This is part of your spiritual path: to receive fully, to feel this inner magnificence,
and allow it to radiate within and without. This ability to reunite with a
feeling of glory and light brings you to a state of Bliss.

Feel how your heart is now open, you feel connected to your Spiritual sexuality,
to feel your body as it now reverberates to something much greater than this
safe place of wonder and curiosity you are so blessed with. It has changed into
an inner knowing. That is the gift I give to you.

These are my robes of Abundant Light. They create change from within. As you
ask, allow, and you will receive. It is a very simple process and you were guided
to these words, through this divine channel, for your health, your supreme state
of well-being, and for you to flourish and prosper on all levels.

Allow this sacred flow of light into your being, from that which is below and that
which is above, bringing you into a full circle of healing and blessing you, so you
can receive fully.

Give thanks for your connections to your friends and family. Give thanks to what
you are receiving, for it is a magnificent blessing that is yours to claim. It is NOW
that you have the strength and great ability to ask out loud and to receive, feeling
it flowing from within and attracting the appropriate people, connections, and
divine level of knowing ~ just what is right for you.

Blessings with my robes of inner and outer light for you to shine and prosper,
Mary Magdalene

through the heart of Christina Gerber